Monday Mood News: The Worst Habits for Your Mental Health

June 27, 2016

As we come to the end of the month of June and round the corner into July (and the Independence Day holiday here in the United States,) it feels like a good time for reflection on how things have gone and what we could do differently in the future. There’s still plenty of time to get rid of bad habits that can derail your dreams and goals, but it’s particularly important to focus on the bad habits that ruin your mental health.

A recent article in Time with this headline got our attention, and boy, are we glad we read it. Collectively, there were SO MANY things on the list that most of us do every day. We won’t spoil the list for you, but if you slouch, feel obsessively inclined to Instagram your entire life, don’t sleep, and rarely have a moment to yourself, these habits are slowly but surely pecking away at your mental health. The list of twelve is comprehensive, surprising, and incredibly insightful. All of us, regardless of our mental health diagnosis, could stand to improve upon these habits.

We’re sharing this so that over this long holiday weekend, perhaps take a moment to reflect on which of these habits you might want to change, and how you wish to change them. Remember: change doesn’t happen overnight, but with effort, focus, awareness, and a little hope and grace, things can and do change for the better.