Monday Mood News: Pokemon GO Might Be Good For Your Mental Health

July 25, 2016

In a time where the world seems incredibly fractured, it’s enlightening to see a common cause, no matter how frivolous it seems. That frivolity this summer appears to be courtesy of the game, Pokemon GO, and experts believe it might be helping our mental health.

World of Psychology released an article last week that reported that the game, an app based on the 1995 sensation that merges game play with real life via a smartphone, has brought many people out of the house and according to social media, has improved the mental health of many of its players, including social anxiety and depression. As many of us who battle with depression know, getting out of the house to exercise, although we know it’s good for us, is hard. The game seems to give many of us the incentive to get off the couch and out into the world, even encouraging social interaction that might not otherwise happen. Again, it’s frivolous fun, but for some it may be doing even more than you think. You can read the entire article here.

In a world that seems to be filled with triggers for mental health conditions, it’s nice to know that good-hearted fun can still be had, particularly when it helps alleviate some of our symptoms. If Pokemon GO is the right answer, by all means, play on. Give yourself a day of fun, hope, and grace.