Wellness Wednesday: Announcing Our Partnership with United States Women’s Tennis Association

October 12, 2016


The hope and grace initiative is philosophy’s commitment to the support of mental health-related causes and education. We began our journey two years ago, becoming the first beauty company to place a deep focus on mental health with an unprecedented, unending commitment to support mental health by donating 1% of our U.S. net sales to the hope and grace fun. It is through this fund that we are able to donate critically-needed grants to organizations serving women’s mental health issues. To date, the hope & grace fund has granted nearly 1.8 million dollars to 29 mental health organizations across the United States.

In addition to grant dollars, philosophy further empowers the mental health movement by providing opportunities to raise global awareness of the issues, support effective organizations and provide resources to bring renewed hope to the lives our community.

We have now turned our attention to an unprecedented partnership, and we’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with the United States Women’s Tennis Association (USWTA) to further education and focus on the mental health of female athletes. Our work with the WTA is an example of how we intend to empower women to care for their own mental health and reduce stigma.

We watch young female athletes practically defy gravity with their seemingly superhuman abilities, but we must remember an important fact: they are also human, and as such are not immune to mental health problems. While there is still limited research on the incidence of mental health issues in athletic populations, the research that is available indicates prevalent rates of mental health concerns similar to the general population. We cannot ignore this fact.

Also, sports environments may contain both protective and risk factors for the development of psychiatric disorders. The constant pressure, relentless touring and playing, and the addition of social media makes now the time to act on their behalf.

This fall, philosophy will be making a donation to USWTA Charities, the Association’s philanthropic platform, which further underscores philosophy’s unique position as a wellbeing beauty brand that inspires beautiful skin as well as beautiful, better. Beyond funding, hope and grace will be working with the USWTA on an ongoing basis, having a presence at player physicals, tournaments around the world, and on social media to promote mental health awareness and reduce negative stigma.

We’re so excited about this partnership, and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating the mental health as well as the physical prowess of our beloved female athletes. Our partnership places a significant focus on the holistic health of these talented women, and we hope it will inspire others to see strength as something more than just physical, and to care for yourself, body, mind and soul.