Monday Mood News: Election Anxiety Is A Real Thing

November 7, 2016

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world today, you’ve probably heard about the contentious, combative, vicious circus this election year has become. The battle for the presidency of the United States has caused the very fabric of our society to be torn apart, and along with it relationships, families, communities…and our own mental health.

The New York Times has printed a headline and article that corresponds to something we’ve all suspected but not been able to name” “election anxiety” is a real thing. There’s an entire article on how to speak to your therapist about the incredible stress and related symptoms that this election has caused many people in our country. It’s no laughing matter, either: According to the article, “The American Psychological Association says that 52 percent of American adults are coping with high levels of stress brought on by the election, according to national Harris Poll survey data released last week. Therapists around the country said in interviews that patients are coming to appointments citing their fears, anger and anxiety about the election.”

If you have a regular therapist, this is an excellent time to speak to them about the considerable stress and panic this election cycle has caused each and every one of us. It might also be a great idea to have a game plan on how to handle your reaction to tomorrow, which is the date of the general election where everyone will finally (FINALLY) cast their vote, and the days after.

Depending on your choice of candidate and what’s sure to be an uneasy time for our country, perhaps some time away from social media and with a solid plan for personal care isn’t a bad idea. We’ve all done everything we can do for the country, but it’s paramount that we take care of ourselves. For the future of our lives together starts with each and every one of us at home first, and with a little hope and grace we’ll hopefully come together and start progressing forward as one nation.