Monday Mood News: Presidential Task Force Working for Better Mental Health Insurance Coverage

November 14, 2016

Although the election has been stressful, there’s one bright spot happening quietly in Washington, DC, under our current administration. As millions of Americans struggle to get mental health coverage that’s on par with their physical health insurance, a task force under President Obama has made the argument for the exact same thing. They’re on our side, to the tune of a recommended $9.3 million to help enforce the federal¬†parity law.

NPR has a great article on the issue, and the findings from the committee if you’d like to read more. One statement in particular pulled from the committee’s recommendations strikes¬†a chord: “These disorders affect society in ways that go beyond the direct cost of care…Without effective treatment, people with these health conditions may find it difficult to find or maintain a job, may be less able to pursue education and training opportunities, may require more social support services, and are more likely to have their housing stability threatened.”

Which is exactly what we’ve striving for: a greater understanding of the impact of mental health-related issues on the lives of the citizens of this country. Much to be done, but in a dark time, it’s nice to hear that progress is being made toward a day when mental health is treated as a factor of overall health: without stigma, with compassion, and with a lot of hope and grace.