Image: Loren Conner

Monday Mood News: Comics Show Traveling With Mental Illness Is No Joke

February 13, 2017

One in five people in this world have some type of mental health condition, but reports show that only 25 percent of individuals feel some type of compassion. We’re in great support of any means of creating understanding around mental health and reducing stigma, which is why we were drawn to this recent Huffington Post article about the drawings of UK-based artist Loren Conner. Because sometimes when words fail you, a picture can speak a thousand words.

Working on behalf of the website Staysure, Conner asked several people with mental health conditions to describe traveling with their various disorders. Conner then turned created beautiful visuals of their words to help shed light on the complications of traveling with a mental health condition. The drawings are fantastic. You can see the collection here.

The more exposure we create around mental health conditions, the less stigma we hope will remain. We celebrate Conner and her efforts with Staysure to focus attention and awareness on living with mental illness. The drawings are beautiful; true examples of compassion, caring, hope, and grace.