Kate Langman via Instagram.

Monday Mood News: A Hairdresser’s Kindness Helps Woman With Depression

April 3, 2017

Depression can be a debilitating matter, causing those who suffer to cease even the most simple pleasures of life or methods of self-care. One such sufferer walked into an Ulta Beauty salon in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and hairdresser Kate Langman changed her life.

As captured via Facebook and subsequently on Huffington Post, Langman spied a woman grabbing bottles of Redken AllSoft product from the salon shelves. When she tried to assist the woman, she discovered that the woman had been bed-bound with depression for six months, and as a result, her hair had become matted into a giant knot on the back of her head. Langman, a woman who had seen the effects of depression on a family member, offered to do the woman’s hair instead of sending her home with products, and they made an appointment for the woman to come into the salon to get her hair fixed the very next day.

Only, the client didn’t show. The appointment was rebooked, and the client didn’t show again.

Finally, March 9th of this year, the client showed up at the salon and asked if Langman could do her hair. She did, and the results were positively transcendent.

Kate Langman via Facebook.

Kate Langman via Facebook.

We want to put a spotlight on Kate Langman as a hero of mental health along with shining a spotlight on the debilitating effects of depression. It’s not just a matter of someone “getting over it:” mental health conditions are serious matters that require love and attention. We applaud this caring, loving example of someone who took it upon herself to help a fellow woman in need of assistance, a shining example of hope, grace, and love. Bravo!