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Wellness Wednesday: Hit the Mental Reset Button with Mel Robbins’ 5 Second Rule

April 12, 2017

Have you ever wondered why you self-sabotage, why you have the best idea ever and never follow through? It could be a business idea, a new fitness regimen, or even a plan to see a doctor about your mental health condition. All good things, but somehow you feel like you never follow through. That can lead to a whole host of maladies: low self-esteem and lack of progress are among the many side effects. But we’ve found a great concept that helps us break through mental blocks that might be of service to you: the 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins.

The concept created by Robbins is incredibly simple when you think about it: your brain is wired to keep your body comfortable, and the body likes homeostasis – even if that situation isn’t ideal. When you make a decision to change, the excitement level in your body sends a message to the brain that something is going on. If you don’t make a move within five seconds, your brain will kill the idea in order to keep you comfortable. Sounds good, right? Nice work, brain. We like comfort.

That said, there is no growth in comfort. You can’t outsource personal growth. You must take action on the things you want for yourself. This is where the 5 Second Rule comes in handy.

Check out Robbins’ TEDx Talk that explains how the rule works and how you can use it for any tough decision you may have. The corresponding book is also amazing. Trust us: this talk has been viewed over 8.8 million times in 37 countries across the world. Robbins is clearly onto something here. Give it a try: