Introducing The Hope and Grace Campaign, How Are You Really?

May 10, 2017

One in five Americans is living with some type of mental health condition; 20% of all of us living in the United States. We here at the hope & grace foundation are dedicated to doing everything we can to alleviate stigma and raise awareness for causes that help those living with a mental health disorder. We always want to do more, so this year we’ve created a public service announcement (“PSA”) to help get the word out.

As a matter of fact, words are exactly what we’re using to affect real change in the world.

All too often, the question “How are you?” is answered pretty routinely with “Fine,” or not at all. We’ve crafted our “How Are You, Really?’ campaign and public service announcement (PSA) to show that most people interpret “How are you?” as a greeting and not a question to be answered. Our campaign shows when we probe further by asking “How are you, really?” the addition of this one additional word can change this casual phrase from a greeting to an honest conversation starter, allowing those living with mental health issues to open up.

Take a look below. You’ll see what we mean. We then encourage you to take a moment in your day to ask “How are you, really?” to spark real dialogue between those you know and love. We’re all in this world together, and someone close to you may be dealing with more than you realize.

We also encourage you to join the dialogue online using the hashtag #howareyoureally. We’re hoping to spread our message far and wide to enable individuals to have real, meaningful conversation and to create a safe environment in which mental health issues can be brought to light.

Ready to talk? Let’s do it. Let’s ask, “How are you, really?” and shine a light on mental health, this month and always.