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Monday Mood News: Plus-Size Models Have A Positive Effect on Women’s Mental Health

June 12, 2017

One of the great challenges for many of us in society is the ability to see ourselves. As we grow, mature, and evolve, it’s comforting to see other women who look like us to show us that beauty, style, and body types are all individual and beautiful. As a matter of fact, according to a recent study from Florida State University, it can have a positive effect on your mental health as a woman. In other words, curvy and plus-size models aren’t just good business, they’re good for women in general.

A recent article in Metro UK cited the survey and the effects of showing women who desired to be thinner photos of models of various sizes. They were shown models who were thinner, and the change in result was remarkable. “When the thin models were on the screen, the women made more comparisons between themselves and the models while at the same time paying less attention and remembering less about the models.”

Conversely, when the curvier women appeared on screen, “participants made fewer comparisons but paid far more attention to the models and reported feeling better about their own bodies.”

“We found overwhelmingly that there is a clear psychological advantage when the media shows more realistic body types than the traditional thin model,” said Dr. Russell Clayton, assistant professor in the Florida State Universtiy School of Communication and the lead author of the study. “Women made fewer social comparisons, felt increased body satisfaction, paid more attention to and remembered average and plus-size models.”

One of the best tools for improving mental health and overall body image is to realize that your body is a unique expression. Your genes, your shape, and the way you look is a combination of unique genetics and experiences that make you, well, YOU. Learning to love the skin you’re in exactly the way you are right now is a tool that can help you live a happier, healthier life of self-acceptance and gratitude. You’re beautiful just the way you are today.

Look for evidence to support your own beautiful body image. You’re worth it.