Monday Mood News: New Study Links Phone Use and Mental Health Issues In Teens

July 3, 2017

If your instincts are telling you that your family should take a break from screen time this summer, you’re absolutely right: a new study has been released showing a direct link to teen screen time and mental health.

In the video above, CBS News reports the Child Development study citesĀ 50% of teens in the survey reported mental health concerns when using their phones in the evening. Not only did they report an increase in anxiety and depression, but they also reported a decrease in self-esteem. The embedded video shows the team on “CBS This Morning” along with psychologist and CBS News contributor Lisa Damour discussing tips for parents who want to help their teens’ cell phone decrease their cell phone usage along with the impact of those glowing screens on important sleep habits.

We love this kind of coverage of mental health concerns and share the same concerns about the growing number of teens (and adults!) impacted by the constant presence of mobile devices. It seems the more connected the world becomes, the harder it can get from a mental health perspective. We hope this might help shed some light and help you and your family with much-needed conversations about screen time.